BM GroupBM Group
Specializes in supplying equipment and consumables for metal preparation, cutting, finishing and cleaning to a diverse range of market sectors throughout the Nordic region.
BM GroupBM Group
World´s leading innovator and manufacturer of world – class stainless steel surface treatment and passivation solutions. Welders around the world now have a safe option for cleaning stainless steel welds and even aluminum welds.
Southern DistributorsSouthern Distributors
Southern Distributors are covering an import of American cycling goods to the United Kingdom and European Union and aims to become a leading distributor of American parts and accessories in European market.

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BM Group is dedicated to bringing innovative products that fill an unfilled need in the industry. We find opportunities to revolutionise or improve ways of doing things – we are innovators, and not duplicators.

Our CEO's Promise

By constantly educating our team and keeping up with the latest industry trends – we will continue to provide professional service and introduce innovative product solutions for stainless steel and black steel processing, fabrication and finishing.

Jonathan Edwards BM Group
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