Improve your stainless steel finishing process

Weld Cleaning Made Better.

Cougartron machines are guaranteed to provide you with optimal results for your stainless steel finishing. Cougartron ProPlus will cut in half your process length and Plus version will offer same results in smaller more compact version. Now with brand new Cougartron InoxMuscle machine. The ideal weld cleaner for everyday Stainless Steel TIG jobs. It has 2 Mode adjustment for weld cleaning and surface polishing, with power output adjustment. Great for workshops, factories, onsite work.

BM Group offers a great amount of products for cleaning of stainless steel welds and surfaces. Our product offer includes weld cleaning machines, reserve parts, consumables and a brand new line of highly affordable and effective pickling products.

Our team are all stainless steel cleaning and passivation professionals.  Our range of weld cleaning products is unrivaled in our market!

Weld Cleaning Machines

Inox Brush 400 Weld Cleaner


Weld Cleaning Consumables

Cougartron CGT-350 Weld Cleaning Fluid


Weld Cleaning Consumables

Cougartron CGT-550G Weld Cleaning Gel


Weld Cleaning Consumables

BM-50 Neutralising Fluid

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Weld Cleaning Consumables

TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid